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Remote condition monitoring


Diagnostyx is a remote condition monitoring (RCM) service that provides users with relevant, focused and near real time information about their railway and assets. Diagnostyx is built on the joint expertise of Arrowvale and SNC-Lavalin. Together we are trusted leaders in rail software and hardware. Arrowvale has a strong history of developing robust rail-approved OTMR hardware, securely transmitting data back to shore for analysis. SNC-Lavalin is a respected global rail consultancy, with hundreds of experts capable of supporting you to turn your data into valuable business information using Diagnostyx. For more information about Diagnostyx, please visit about.diagnostyx.net


• Rich and flexible Presentation of Information
• High level consolidated company level information with drilldown facility
• A users centric approach where users can easily change views themselves
• Map based views using the power of Bing Maps
• View the status of the whole fleet at a glance
• Instant operation performance information when linked to timetable
• The ability to group or graph any channel of data instantly
• Graphical information presentation to suit company requirement
• User derived channels which can be presented with raw channels
• Company rules and alerts for all users
• Email and SMS alerts
• Individual rules for filtering of historical data
• Rules engine intuitive with logical syntax
• Alerts can be rigorously tested and hence trusted


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